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I have the following directory statement in my httpd.conf for a virtualhost.

<Directory c:/foo/bar/*/*/baz>
    <Files index.php>
        # something file specific

This matches "c:/foo/bar/ * / * /baz/index.php" but also "index.php" in subdirectories..

I would like it to only match "index.php" directly within /baz (e.g. absolute file path), any ideas?

Im relatively new to server configuration so its a bit trial and error for me. (Wamp installation on windows 7 64bit)


I just realize i could do something like;

<Directory /foo/bar>
    <Files index.php>
        # something file specific
    <Directory /*>
        <Files index.php>
            # revert/undo something file specific

Untested though, but should work in theory, right?

Edit 2

SOLVED! <Location /index.php> seems to does the trick...

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Please create an answer for your question and accept it. – Iain Apr 23 '11 at 11:12
yes, create an answer, but I wouldn't accept <Location> if I were you as it is parsing the URI instead of the directory structure... – asdmin Jun 17 '11 at 16:06
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Check the location attribute - that might be where your problem is.

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