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From what I can tell, VirtualBox does not have a 64-bit binary for the Mac, and VMWare does not provide a Player build for MacOS. Are there any virtualization options for running a 64-bit guest OS on a Mac host?

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VirtualBox will run 64bit guest operating systems on MacOS X. See for more info.

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fyi I've not been able to install an arch x64 with vbox, whereas I got no problem with x86 on a 32bits osx on a 64bits macbook. – aif Apr 23 '11 at 17:50

VMware Fusion 3 will run 64-bit guest operating systems. This link is a preconfigured search on for 64-bit Linux guest OSes qualified to run on Fusion 3.1 (here is a secondary list that might be more current, also from )

Concerning the host OS, this article from talks about compatibility of Fusion running with either a 32- or 64-bit kernel on Mac OS X. The version of the vmware-vmx process will be a 64-bit process if you're running in a 64-bit kernel, and a 32-bit process otherwise:

Modern Macs boot with a 64-bit kernel by default, and Snow Leopard is 64-bit OS. If your concern is in regards changing the kernel (32- or 64-bit) that your Mac host OS has booted with, you can adjust that per Apple's KB

Here are the release notes for Fusion 3.1.2

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