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I was wondering if I can transfer my existing site based on joomla! in Google appengine. How can I do that?

Will it be easy if I start from scratch (modifying joomla! for Google appengine).

Please advise me tutorials, walkthrough and your suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

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Joomla is written using PHP.

By default Google App Engine only supports applications written in Python, and in the future Java. See Google App Engine FAQ so PHP is not natively supported.

There is a way to run PHP on Google App Engine however by using a Java Virtual Machine named Quercus. Your biggest issue will be that it will require large amounts of modification to Joomla's source code with the change to using GQL instead of SQL.


Are you looking for ways to easily scale your Joomla installation?

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I understand. Ya, now I can see Google appengine only supports python and now java (early access). No, I guess django will be much easier and better to migrate to rather than converting joomla! :) – fireball003 Jun 16 '09 at 2:15

I am trying hard to learn about how to create Joomla Templates. So, as a beginner I do not have much to say but I think the Following link might help you in the right way.

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