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In squid.conf, there are directives for safe ports and ssl ports:

acl safe_ports (list of ports)
acl ssl_port 443


http_access deny !safe_ports
http_access deny !ssl_port

My question is: why the default for http_access is deny !safe_ports and !ssl_port, why not http_access allow safe_ports or http_access allow ssl_port ?

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If you do something like:

http_access allow safe_ports

Then all your ports will be open unless you add a directive after it to deny every port access:

http_access deny unsafe_ports

where unsafe_ports is exactly !safe_ports, but it is much easier to define a list of safe ports, than a list of unsafe ports, since the later has almost 65536 entries.

Then it is a lot easier and probably more efficient to do

http_access deny !safe_ports
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