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I want to take an existing VMWare virtual machine and run it in VirtualBox 2.2+. Is there any utility to do this?

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There's a tutorial on using qemu tools and vditool to do that here.

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I don't think there's a utility as such, but you can load vmdk files in VirtualBox, so you can create a guest with your vmdk as one disk, a vdi as another, then boot up a Linux CD and use dd to copy from one to the other.

I don't know if VirtualBox now has support for vmdk snapshots. If so, you can use the vmdk file as is, without converting to vdi, and sacrifice no functionality.

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  1. In your VMWare virtual machine, install Acronis and do a backup. You will get an image file.

  2. Run VirtualBox with the Acronis Recovery iso. Restore from previously created image.

Acronis isn't free though.

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