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I have got Windows VPS.There is 2008 Server Standart Edition 64x in it with 1.25 GB ram.I have installed Plesk 9.0.Everything fine except while loading ASP.NET and PHP applications.. Its sometimes taking 10 second to starts loading page.But there is no problem with HTML pages.Its starts load in one second.I think this is a IIS Application problem.But i could not solve this problem.Can someone say me whats the problem?

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In IIS7.5 there's a new feature that allows you to "auto start" or "preload" a website directly when the application pool starts, (before the first request hits it). See this blog post. –  Louis Somers Mar 16 '13 at 23:58

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Without more information the issue is probably the initial compilation of the server side code, one way you can check for ASP.NET pages is watch processes that startup and see if any compilers pop up (csc.exe, vbc.exe, etc). PHP has the same problem but as I'm not sure what you would see if that is occurring.

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Have you tried to check page using Google Speed or Yahoo Why Slow Plugin in firefox. Also check IIS Related performance counter and check performance related issue.

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ASP.net is notorious for slow loading the first time a page is requested (due to JIT). However, the second time a page loads it should serve it fast. Are your pages slow every time they load?

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Nope everytime i load page is same as the before.Its a Wordpress site.www.ibrahimakgun.net you can test it here. –  Ibrahim AKGUN Apr 26 '11 at 17:58

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