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Does anyone of you know any good packet generator tool for IPv6. I am very familiar with hping3, but don't know if it supports IPv6.

I am looking for something which can send, tcp, udp, icmp, and where , I can change the ip address and port numbers. Suppose my client sends udp IPv6 packet to destination (sport 3000, dport 4000) . My server should be able to receive the packet and say (I received the packet on port 4000 ) basically I am also looking for some kind of capture capability which hping provides, to work in Linux and gelling this with expect and tcl scripts . Not concerned with performance and no throughput testing


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If you need a tool that does both IPv6/UDP/TCP/ICMP packet generation, has capturing capabilities and can reach high throughput I'd recommend one of the C++ packet crafting libraries:

They're both easy to use and support Linux.

There's also libcrafter but it's throughput is lower