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On my privat iMac, I configured the VPNd that comes with the system and is just hidden. I used the following manual.

It is working fine for my primary user and authenticates without any problem. Now I want to create a second user to access files on my network. I just added another user, but this user is not able to authenticate. I can't find anything on the web so far to show me what criteria a user needs to match to be able to authenticate against the server.

Any help would be appreciated.

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could you please post result of

dscl . read /users/username AuthenticationAuthority

where username is the short name of new user? It should be something like:


if not please execute following command:

sudo dscl . change /users/username AuthenticationAuthority ;ShadowHash; ;ShadowHash;HASHLIST:<SALTED-SHA1,SMB-NT,SMB-LAN-MANAGER>

Courtesy of MacOSXHints.

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