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I know I can't do anything about people spoofing my email address, but what can I do about all those annoying bounce-mails?

I get 5-10 "Undeliverable mail" a day, but I don't know how I can filter them.

I don't think I can run them through sa-learn because real "Undeliverable mail" could get caught in the filter that way, no?

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Personally, I think you can do something about people spoofing your address; I strongly advocate SPF, with a strong policy on unapproved hosts (-all).

I know that not every ISP out there checks SPF on incoming email, but a surprising number do, and spammers are intelligent - since they're picking a forged sender in order to maximise delivery, they'll avoid forging a sender who will automatically be rejected by a significant fraction of ISPs, even though that fraction is well below 1.000.

Since I started publishing strong SPF records, I've had almost no backscatter at all.

You can find more out about SPF at www.openspf.org.

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Thanks, I'll look into it. –  skerit Apr 26 '11 at 14:00

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