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I would like to copy all scheduled tasks on a computer with Windows Server 2003 to another Server 2003 computer. I can guarantee that all executables will be available on the new computer. Can I do this and, if so, how?

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Copy the .job file(s) from C:\Windows\Tasks from one computer to the next.

Note: I'm not sure if these files are compatible from one version of Windows to the next, but they exist in XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/R2...

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Worked great, thank you. The only quirk is that the "Run as" user name was set to mine. Easy fix though. –  Nick Vaccaro Apr 26 '11 at 14:53
  • Select the task in task scheduler
  • Copy the task by right clicking and selecting copy
  • Paste the task to your desktop or somewhere you can remember
  • Rename the file (which you're just created)
  • Then copy it back into task scheduler or another machine.

This should give you a copy of the original task with a new name.

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I found an action in the WHS task scheduler to "export task". Select the task and on the lower right of the window the export task option shows up. It will save a files as .xml. You can copy that xml file to another machine and use the "action" menu to "import" task.

I am about to test this process.

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