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I'm trying to export a share to multiple networks using the following in the /etc/exports file:

/mnt/tank/xen_nfs -alldirs -mapall=root:wheel -network

but whenever I try to connect from those three servers, I get a Permissions problem. If I just have any one of the networks by itself, it works fine. This is running FreeNAS 8.0RC5 (FreeBSD 8.2). I've also tried specifying the networks with a /30 designation, but same problem.

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.45 and .105 aren't /30 network IDs – Chris S Apr 26 '11 at 15:16
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If you want to export to those three as /30 networks, you need to specify each network as a network..

/mnt/tank/xen_nfs -alldirs -mapall=root:wheel -network 
/mnt/tank/xen_nfs -alldirs -mapall=root:wheel -network 
/mnt/tank/xen_nfs -alldirs -mapall=root:wheel -network

If you don't specify that the following IP is a network, it will think it is a single host's IP.

You can quickly see what the server thinks should be able to access the mount with showmount -e

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That works. I did not realize you could specify the same mount point multiple times. Thanks – John P Apr 27 '11 at 2:28

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