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I have about 200 Hosts I need to inventory. Several of them are not able to be inventoried by OCS inventory, because they are firewalls and switches, or shutoff. I also have had issues with adding hosts that are moved to new machines causing duplicate entries in OCS inventory. I also would like an LDAP authentication solution.

I'm aware of GLPI, but that's just moves the issues I have with OCS inventory to another system.

I would very much love to have something where I can manage IP networks, DNS and rack location.

Is there an option that is not OCS inventory?

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It might be worth mentioning which OS you need to do this for. – John Gardeniers Apr 26 '11 at 23:40
possible duplicate of Open-source inventory agent – warren Aug 31 '11 at 0:31

I'm not sure if there is such an open-source tool but there is a rack plugin for GLPI which has a lot of nice features to manage racks.

OTOH, I've recently discovered GestioIP which seems to be a great (and automated) open-source tool to manage ip addresses and VLANs. GestioIP can automatically update the networks against OCS inventory, providing easy integration, among other nice features.

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You don't want OCSinventory?

Then try FusionInventory

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