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I am looking for a web analytic package for a intranet network. The main requirement is that the data should not go outside the network and that it should remain on the intranet.

This probably rules out Google Analytics. I have come across Piwik & AWStats.

Could anybody suggest some more, from their experience, that would satisfy the above requirement.

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It depends on what data you want to gather and your requirements around data collection.

I've used smarterstats to analyse IIS log files in the past and it generates some quite nice reports. Worth a look at and analyising log files is much easier than injecting javascript into each of your pages to collect the data you need.

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I need to track the performance of the intranet, things like time it takes to load a page and/or pages that are loaded/visited the most –  Chetan Arora Apr 27 '11 at 11:07
Which pages are visited the most can absolutely be done through analyising web server logs. As can page load time, infact its probabally more reliable to measure the server performance in this way rather than through a browser if you truely want to measure server performance. –  ccame Apr 27 '11 at 11:11

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