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what are the basic requirement for clustering in windows 2008 server?

1.i mean which exact 2008 server licence 2. how can i connect two server what component i need for that? 3. what is minimum hardware require for server? 3. any other licenses or components need for this project?


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At a minimum, you will need two servers with Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter licenses, as well as some type of shared storage, such as a iSCSI/Fibre Channel SAN or Direct Attached RAID array. The specific hardware needed depends on your budget, preference, and intended use. If you can elaborate on these, I'm sure that I (or someone else) would be able to suggest solutions for you.

Note that there are very few options for free/low cost shared storage and the ones that are out there are not really suitable for business production use.

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