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I'm using Ubuntu 10.10.

I'm trying to learn how to configure a RADIUS server, but I'm having trouble with creating new users to authenticate.

Almost all of the tutorials I've found online mention creating users in the users file, yet I can't find it anywhere.

A tutorial said it would be in etc/raddb/users but my etc folder doesn't have a raddb folder.

Any suggestions on where I can this file? I've installed FreeRADIUS via the software center and everything is set to default, nothing has been customized by myself, so assume the defaults.

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It should be on /etc/freeradius/users

For a general solution, if you need to search for a file installed by a given package:

dpkg-query --listfiles *package* | grep *file*

In this case:

dpkg-query --listfiles freeradius | grep users


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Yes, stupid debian renaming raddb to freeradius, grrr. – Arran Cudbard-Bell Aug 9 '13 at 13:18

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