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I'm using SQL Server Management Studio 2005, and I'm about to make changes to the (rather important) Maintenance Plan. I would like to backup (or export) the Maintenance Plan, so it can be restored (or imported) in case the changes made cause any problems.

My Question Is: How can this be done?

I've looked online, and found some people talking about using Integration Services to perform this task. Unfortunately, I do not see an Integration Services utility on the server.

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This article discusses the steps for migrating a maintenance plan from one server to another. I believe you can use the same procedure to backup your plan before making a change.

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This is the route I ended up taking. Thanks a lot! – Onion-Knight Apr 29 '11 at 16:11

Beginning in SQL Server 2005 maintenance plans are created as SSIS packages and always stored in MSDB. As long as you're backing up MSDB you'll have your maintenance plan backup.

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