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I'm trying to get an old (32Bit) legacy application to run under Windows 7(64Bit). The application runs under Administrator privileges but not as a normal user.

I used RegMon64 from the Systernals suite and I found an access denied error on the HKCR/Wow6432Node/CLSID folder. I tried to grant the local "Users" group "Full Control" permission but the "access denied" error still remains.

When I look into the "Advanced"-security window in Regedit I can see a (special-)user "RESTRICTED" having only "read"-access on the specified registry key.

I also went up the folder tree of HKCR to check for "deny" permissions but found none.

So here are my questions:

  • What could cause this behavior?
  • What could I try to improve the diagnosis of the problem?
  • What is this "RESTRICTED" special user account used for? Didn't find anything on a google search.

I'm using Windows 7 (64Bit) in a Windows Server 2003 active directory environment.

Any help is appreciated!


I think I solved it myself: Windows seems to use "Registry reflection" http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms724072(v=vs.85).aspx to map the key HKLM/Software/Classes/Wow6432Node for every useraccount to HKCR.

I changed the permissions under the Administrator account in HKCR but this change of the permissions was only effective FOR the Administrator account. Other user accounts still had the "Read only" permission of the HKLM/Software/... registry folder.

When I changed the permissions on the HKLM/... folder everything worked like expected also for "normal" users.

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Before you try to rework all of Windows security, have you right clicked the program and tried the "Troubleshoot Compatibility" wizard? It usually works. –  Chris S Apr 29 '11 at 12:30
I think I solved it myself: –  Heiko Jung Apr 29 '11 at 12:37

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