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Has anyone here tried using the Momentus XT Hybrid disks in a real server as balance between performance and cost? What were the results?

I've heard desktop-focused reviews on both sides: a few cases where it made dramatic improvements, and a few where it didn't help at all. Those who reported improvements generally said it took a bit to reach that level, as the drive learns what needs to go in the SSD area over time. That would also explain some of the negative reviews: a "journalist" who only a spent a day with a drive before writing it up. Work-load on the drive could be another big factor, depending on what your I/O behavior is like; a server might put a very different kind of load on the disks than a desktop. Thus I'm hoping to find someone with real-world results from a server with a few of these disks working in a RAID volume.

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I wouldn't use either SSDs or Hybrids in a server yet; especially the non-enterprise ones, they don't have much reserve for bad sectors. With a server's W/R workload the drives are likely to fail much sooner than you'd except.

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Not in a server but all of the reviews I've seen were pretty damning of any supposed performance gains they have even in a desktop setup.

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<mostly redacted - I moved the comments up to be part of the question> – Joel Coel Apr 29 '11 at 17:57
We've got one of the hybrid drives in a laptop here. It is quicker booting than a standard disk drive, but that's where the benefits stop. We'll keep using them for people who need a ton of storage in their laptop, but everyone else is getting SSDs. @Joel, I wouldn't use either in a server yet; especially the non-enterprise ones, they don't have much reserve for bad sectors. – Chris S Apr 29 '11 at 18:01
@Chris - that point about bad sector space is worth mentioning in an answer. You post it, I'll accept it. – Joel Coel Apr 30 '11 at 3:28

With only 4GB of SSD cache, and that SSD cache only being used for reads, I would not expect them to help server workloads. If you have 4GB of hot files, they should already be cached in your servers RAM, making the Momentus's SSD cache pointless.

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