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so first here is the architecture i'm planning :

The question is simple : Is that is possible and how manage routing in HyperV to route the 443 port on both VM or better on the right vm ?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Lets say public ip is, private ip of the hyper-v host is, vm1, vm2

If you want to route to just, then your firewall rules would do nat/port redirection to get it there. If you want to route to, again it is firewall rules.

Hyper-v does allow vlan tagging so you can bind the public IP straight into a VM even if the Hyper-V host is on a private IP (assuming your network infrastructure allows)

If you are trying to direct to if it sharepoint requests, or if it is an Apache request, well that isn't something Hyper-V (or any VM platform) can do. You can probably get it working using Squid to intercept the traffic and direct the request based on the incoming domain, but that requires another host in front of your two webservers.

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