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Using terremark enteprise cloud, when you create a server, you assigned an IP address to them and that IP is visible under Detected IP when selecting the server. However, I created a server, with IP address and I created an internet service and connected it with a node. I used protocol TCP and mapped it to port 3001. But I notice when I select my server, the IP address doesnt dsplay under Detected IP and then I VPN Connect, launch terminal and try to SSH with the IP to my server, and I get connection timed out. I presume the reason lies in that the IP address is not being detected.

Someone suggested that my VMware-Tools is out of date and in fact on the server instance for VMware-Tools it does say "out of date". I'm not sure how to mount the instance and install VMware-Tools. I am using Mac OSX. Someone said that it will only work on PC running IE.

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VMWare is a company, not a product. Which product are you using? –  Chris Thorpe May 1 '11 at 22:23

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Because you try SSH into the system, I guess you are running some kind of Linux OS, right?
This sounds somewhat familiar (VMware / eCloud), so here's a workaround we use on our eCloud Linux VM's.

Because you don't have an IP-address, SSH can not bind / start, so is not working at all.
Instead, try to connect to the "Virtual Machine Remote Console" using the Cisco VPN-client and VMware Remote Console plugin.
Indeed, this works best in Internet Explorer on real Windows. Don't bother using a Mac or virtualised Windows on a Mac or Linux!

Login as root and do this:

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
chattr +i 70-persistent-net.rules

Reboot the VM to check if it comes up with the assigned IP-address.

What this does is, you empty the file "70-persistent-net.rules" and make the file immutable. This file stores the MAC-address(es) of your network-cards. On VMware / eCloud it seems like you don't (always) get a fixed MAC, hence the disappearing of the IP after reboots.

There are probably better ways, but this one works quick and easy.

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