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I currently use Linode VPS (512) for my image sharing site.

I'm looking to move to an unmetered dedicated server as the cost of my needs on Linode is huge.

I have around 60-70GB/day of outgoing data and I need more disk space.

My problem is, there are SO many hosting companies out there, and even more review sites.

I'm trying to find someone with good experience with a dedicated servers company, that is not too expensive.


EDIT: As for needs, I am looking for a Linux based server (Ubuntu/CentOS), and as for specs, I'm currently using the Linode 512 and it's barely handling the amount of visitors. But I suspect that almost any dedicated server configuration will have more than 512mb RAM and CPU should be stronger too, right?

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This question I'd a but too vague. It depends on what server specs are required. What OS do you need? Windows/Linux. CPU… RAM… Hard drive. I use Melbourne Server Hosting. With data centres in Manchester, UK. They have the best service I have had from any company. They may be a bit more expensive than the larger companies (1&1, etc) but it is worth it. I have had many problems with the large hosting companies like 1&1 and fasthosts. All you have to do is google 1&1 problems and you will find out. Hope this helps

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I have edited my question to include my needs. Yes, I have dealt with 1&1 in the past and I wouldn't like to deal with them again.. – Or W May 2 '11 at 8:16

Do you have a budget in mind? As another Linode user, I would try to stick with them. Transferring that amount of traffic per day, I would assume (HOPE!) that your site is earning some revenue that could more than pay for a larger Linode plan.

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