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Is it possible to undelete a volume in a HP MSA 2000?

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No, once you blow away a storage volume (a LUN) it's gone.

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I'm going to accept your answer, just because you had the guts to say it. And because it's true! – daigorocub Aug 22 '11 at 8:46

Not entirely true. It is possible but there is no guarantee that it will work. The basic steps are: Recreate the LUN and make sure it is EXACTLY the same size as the delete LUN. Present the LUN to a server and use FDISK or equivalent to recreate the partition.

In my case I was using the LUN on a VMWARE ESXi host and once I had recreated the LUN, I presented this to the ESXi host and used the following article to re-create the partition (setting the start and end blocks of the partition to be EXACTLY the same as it was before the LUN was deleted). See

I had to do quite a bit of trial and error on this and the whole process took 3 hours which was a lot quicker than having to try to restore 2TB of data.

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