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I'm trying to add a drive to a dell poweredge 2950 running RedHat, which already has two drives in RAID 1. The third drive is intended to be separate and without RAID. I've added a virtual drive using Perc, and initialized it. Now /dev/sdc is present.

    fdisk  /dev/sdc 

run as root gives "Unable to open /dev/sdc". What steps do I need to get the drive formatted mounted and online?

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Are you sure it's sdc? Try using "fdisk -l" to determine all of the available partitions. If you don't see it there, check dmesg, and syslog (/var/log/messsages). If you are not seeing anything there then go back to the RAID card and start over. It's likely you will have to use a methodical iterative process to find the problem.

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spot on - I diffed the contents of /dev before and after adding the drive, and sdc was the difference. But looks like the new drive is appearing as /dev/sdb. – AmSysAm May 3 '11 at 2:31

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