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Opened 5GB text file in Pico Text Editor, server crashed, SSH no reponse, pinging works

Just opened 5GB text file in Pico Text Editor.. server crashed.. SSH gives no reponse, pinging still works.

Will the server recover on its own? And how long will this take? The server has 6GB ram. Or wont it recover and do I have to reboot it? (server is a little bit far away)

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"little bit" :D –  zengr May 3 '11 at 0:27
is it x86 server? How much swap was here? What is usual memory usage on this server? Is there any services you can check besides ping? (ping is in-kernel service.) You can try to do nmap scan to find any –  osgx May 3 '11 at 0:36

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It can be a out-of-memory killer issue. When the memory is very low and linux kernel can't allocate more memory, it will kill any process, which will ask for memory. May be sshd (ssh daemon) was killed. It is unlikely that your distribution have any cron task to recover sshd. Also, cron daemon might be killed too.

If you can, do a reboot.

To check, you can grep /var/log/messages for out of memory killer messages.

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