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We integrate with 3 payment service providers in multiple countries, and sporadically we will get customer reports that the 3DSecure-check part of the payments-process is not working. We've yet to get adequate reports to troubleshoot the problem or proactively warn customers that this may happen (or disable the check for the duration of a problem).

How can we directly monitor the VISA and MasterCard service-dependencies so that we can get better insight into our payments-process status? Our PSPs do not expose the problems in a proactive way; we get problem-reports direct from customers, as I mentioned - not the best place to be in.

We're after:

  1. An API-call we can periodically make to get red/green status for each system
  2. A web-page we can hit to see whether the system is expected to be up/down
  3. A web-page we can hit to see whether there's upcoming maintenance/down-time
  4. A way of running through a test payment, but against a real live payment-card, but that won't then affect the credit rating of the card's account since we'll essentially be setting up and cancelling payment-authorisations on a several-times-a-day basis if we do that

Where can we find some/all of the ab

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I recommend some browser-based transaction monitoring. We are using AlertFox with good success for our online store (monitoring product search, shopping cart and credit-card/Paypal backend). If you google for Keynote or Gomez, they also provide this service, but I never used them.

As an unrelated site note, it is unbelievable how often Paypal has sporadic issues...

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