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I want to set up a squid gateway, which doesn't forward the X-Forwarded-For header to most of the websites. But I want it to be forwarded to a specific domain. Here's the sample I'm trying to accomplish:

Scenario 1: User visits . No X-Forwarded-For is send, since it's an internal IP address, so only the WAN Address should be visible in that header (eg

Scenario 2: User visits . The X-Forwarded-For is send, containing the local IP (e.g., so my the can see from where in our network the request origins.

I want to implement this as an extra security layer, so that people from e.g. the Sales dept cannot visit services for people from the R&D dept, even if they have one of the R&D usernames.

Is this actually possible? And if yes, can I do this with squid, or do I need other software? Are there any tutorials/manuals/etc on this subject?

Thank you,


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Try using header_access squid option

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could you provide a sample for conditional URLs/hostnames? – friedkiwi May 3 '11 at 17:05

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