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Is there a known source for CentOS RPMs that provides FUSE version 2.8.4 or later? The latest I can find is 2.7.4 from EPEL.

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you can find i386 rpm in: http://rpm.vitki.net/pub/centos/5/i386/fuse-2.8.5-99.vitki.01.el5.i386.rpm

the src rpm is in: http://rpm.vitki.net/pub/SRPMS/fuse-2.8.5-99.vitki.01.el5.src.rpm

in case you will need to build it to x86_64...

a little how to build from source...

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I am quite happy to build from a source RPM, so that's perfect. Thanks! –  organicveggie May 4 '11 at 16:01

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