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I want to synchronise (both ways) data between Google Mail and Google Calendar with my Thunderbird with Lightning + Zindus and SE k770i mobile phone.

I have a working configuration of Lightning and Google Calendar. Contacts between Google Mail and Thunderbird are in sync with help of the Zindus add-on.

Now I need a way to add my mobile to this stack.

The ideal solution would work both on Windows and on Linux, but a Windows-only solution will suffice.

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I'm not sure whether you can convince ActiveSync to work with the K770i (it runs OK with newer phones) but if you can, pairing it up with BirdieSync (at cost) or FinchSync would do the job.

Or, potentially easier but untested, is MyPhoneExplorer which appears to do what you're looking for. Mobile Master also looks like a possibility, but at a cost.

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I dont know if it is exacly what you are searching, but have a look at http://www.zarafa.com/

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