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Is there any registry file to disable changing time by users in windows xp?

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I don't know a registry setting for this, but in my mind the correct way to do this is to join the useraccount to Users group and remove it from Administrators or Power Users -groups.

For example at Command prompt (DOS-window) you can do this: Check useraccount's groups and check group's menbers:

    net user MyUser 
    net localgroup Users

Add useraccount to local group:

    net localgroup Users MyUser /add

Remove useraccount from local group

    net localgroup Administrators MyUser /delete

When in Active Directory (=Domain) environment this is a bit more complicated, but the principle is the same.

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You can do this using gpedit.msc(Start > Run). Go to 'Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/Users Rights Assignments'. In the right-hand window, double click on 'Change the system time'.
Disable it.

This only works when your user is not a local admin. When the computer is part of a domain, it's easier to push a GPO.

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