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I've just recevie an email from my hosting company :

" Hello from AT&T Hosting and Applications Services. I am a Security Engineer here trying to track down a security incident that appears to have originated from your network on May 03, 2011. Please investigate a TCP sweep of port 3072 from the IP and inform me of the results (account cancelled, user warned, etc). I will require this information in order to close the ticket on this activity. I have attached a portion of the log details as evidence. All times are EDT (GMT -4).

(NOTE: This is an automated email response to the incoming scan/attack.)

18:53:39 [TCP-SWEEP] (total=19,dp=3072,min=,max=,May03-17:34:49,May03- 17:43:38) (USI-amsxaid01) 18:53:39 [TCP-SWEEP] (total=23,dp=1024,min=,max=,May03-17:35:14,May03-17: 43:40) (USI-amsxaid01) "

i replace the ip with " x "

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This is them informing you that the IP address listed in the notice was discovered to be performing port-scanning on port TCP/3072. Once you have identified what is responsible for this suspicious behavior, please notify them so they can close their security ticket.

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