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I have a website written using MVC3 where the backend is a 3rd party system written in Cobol.
The webserver should starts the Cobol runtime through an interop dll and thereafter performs a call to the relevant program.

When I run this setup from Visual Studio using IIS Express then everything works fine. When I run it using "real" IIS5 however, the site hangs on the first call to the backend.
As far as running processes go, I can see that the runtime exe file is running meaning the initial call was made and permissions seem to be ok.

I have tried setting all permissions for the user on both the involved directories and files and also on the COM service.

What else could I be missing here? Is there any additional trace I could use?

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Really IIS 5? What isolation level? Which process are you talking about, ASPNET_WP? – TristanK May 4 '11 at 23:03
Yes, IIS on XP. Isolation level is 'medium' - but have tried the others too. The process is ASPNET_WP. – user80431 May 5 '11 at 5:01

Solved it from another forum - the backend was opening a debug window (trying) which wasn't visible.

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