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I need to figure out what modem to use with 6 external lines or more for a fax2email gateway server using hylafax. I could go with something internal or external on a PC, but I need to be able to handle multiple incoming fax lines. I have a working 1 line model using a parallel cabled modem. What modem would you recommend?

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Will this be 6 RJ-11 jacks or delivered via T1? – mfinni May 5 '11 at 0:17

Although the project never got past the planning stages, we spent a lot of time looking at something similar about 5 years ago, and decided that DialLogic was the brand we were going to go for. We needed 12 RJ11 interfaces.

They're very expensive brand new, but occasionally you can find second hand ones floating around for a fraction of their retail price, although you can still expect to fork out several hundred dollars for a second hand one.

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Keep in mind that the support they provide is non-existent, to the point that they won't provide drivers directly. Having said that, I have used Dialogic's Brooktrout board with GFI Faxmaker, and it works very well, handling heavy fax traffic for a large law firm. – gravyface May 5 '11 at 2:34

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