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Looking for a router/firewall model with the following specifications:

Dual WAN (Failover mode)
SPI Firewall
Support for at least 100mbps of throughput
Support for more than 256hosts on the LAN

Most routers I am finding, only support a subnet mask of (255 hosts) on the LAN.

VPN not important. Unified thread management (AntiVirus, Spyware, Etc) not important.


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On a budget? DrayTek fits the bill.

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Actually there does seem to be a 90mbps limit on WAN throughput, but you get what you pay for :) – BoyMars May 5 '11 at 8:32

If you are not on a short term budget and you are looking for a device with more investment protection that will scale with your company <end of sales rant/>

Cisco 892 would do that fine, dual WAN interfaces and you can use whatever subnet size you want on the LAN side. Only 50Mbit throughput though.

Cisco 2911 will do the same but with 180Mbit throughput (and supports loads of other features).

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