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I'm using an asterisk VOIP server, and I'm able to make called though with my SIP client. The problem I get is one-way voice. I can hear the incoming voice but the caller can not hear me. I have no problems when using the X-Lite3 windows SIP client. I VOIP provider is broadvoice.

Could it be something in the firewall rules that I need to fix?

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do you have nat? try to set canreinvite=no and nat=yes in sip.conf please give me some sip.conf youve got

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Both comments helped. I think the nat=yes was the fixing point of it – Squidly May 6 '11 at 1:01

There are several options you need to set correctly to make it work: localnet, nat, externip or externhost, qualify, canreinvite, etc.

See here:

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