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I'm wondering if there is an apache mod that can handle delivering files outside of the document root?

My specific example is that I would like to, in my vhost config if possible, rewrite ROBOTS.txt so that I can provide a generic "disallow all" for use with hosts used for testing deployment.

The only alternative I can see is that I have a ROBOTS.txt replacement occuring in my deployment vhost setup script. I know I could probably use mod_rewrite, however the browser would still be aware that I'm pointing it to a different ROBOTS.txt location wouldn't it? As the ROBOTS is a disallow all, I don't want to have the browser aware of the rewrite, and risk it indexing the sites.

Thanks for any advice :D

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mod_rewrite will do a rewrite (not a redirect) if possible. But you want Alias.

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This looks just the thing, thanks :) – DanH May 6 '11 at 4:13

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