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I have two Linux / Apache VPS servers running Plesk 9.5.4. VPS 1 is the production server and VPS 2 is the development server. At present I have www.example.com on VPS 1 and sub1.example.com, sub2.example.com, sub3.example.com on VPS 2.

I want to test some new functionality which involves having two domains pointing to the same website. My new functionality is all loaded up onto sub1.example.com on VPS 2.

Now I need to point www.example.net to sub1.example.com. Not a redirect, but an alias or similar.

Question: How do I acheive this using the Plesk control panel?

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Simply go in to the main page for the domain on vps2 and there is a button called domain aliases (it is in the "web site" section). Add it in there and point your domain at that VPS.

This has the plus point of not using up an extra domain license

Edit: Since this doesn't seem to be working correctly, try this

In theory the plesk alias should work fine with it set up as the main domain. If it doesn't, the simplest thing to do is add a vhost.conf file in to /var/www/vhosts/sub1.example.com/conf/ with an alias

ServerAlias www.example.net

Then run /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng --reconfigure-vhost --vhost-name=

vhost.conf is then included in your main virtualhost definition for that domain/subdomain.

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Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately subdomains don't have the option to add a domain alias within Plesk. I've also tried setting up sub1.domain1.com as a main domain on VPS2 (working), and adding domain2.com as an alias for that. Still no joy. FYI - I have domain1.com set up as a main domain on both VPS1 & VPS2, with custom A records on VPS1 for all the sub domains. The subdomains are then set up as sub domains on VPS2. This all works well. –  Asa May 9 '11 at 8:26
In light of that not working, If just edited my answer with something else to try.... –  Nick Downton May 9 '11 at 9:56

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