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When I type lpstat -p in bash I get:

    lp@linuxbox 'xerox printer in room 100' (dest lp@

How do I change dest to another IP?

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Printers for plain vanilla lpd are configured in /etc/printcap - the printcap(5) man page has all the gory details on that.

Your distribution is probably using CUPS though (you mentioned lpadmin), so you need to make your changes through the CUPS tools. You can remove and re-add the printer via lpadmin, or see if the CUPS web interface is enabled and will let you do what you want (it's typically http://localhost:631)

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You don't. You add another printer at the address of interest.

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Can I do it somehow rather than with lpadmin? – Oleg May 6 '11 at 10:48

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