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Case: I placed one rack mounted server which has only intra-network activity (do not require any kind of internet access just for the service).

Issues: But many times it requires remote access, in that case I need to drive from Belgium to Spain or Belgium to Portugal in the middle of the night form some tiny fix. Which is like killing issue.

Question: Is there any possibility to have a rack mounted server running as it is, but a simple USB or Ethernet or GuruPlug sort of device connected with the server.

Which allow GPRS-mobile protocol to PC protocol, and with that I can plug my mobile in Belgium laptop and connect Spain rack mounted server with Mobile pluged in, and use ssh or ssh -x to have same PC access feature?

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What you are looking for is a modem (or a cellular phone working as a modem) and pppd (point-to-point protocol daemon) configured for a dial-in.

There's a HOWTO, e.g. here:, which may help you. If you manage to make a USB-connected cellular phone to work as a serial-port connected modem (which should be possible), the rest will be easy. You could also go for a traditional modem and a landline to the box you want to connect remotely to. This would be definitely easier, but could be more expensive to set up.

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