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I have a SCCM 2007 Enterprise Edition on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.My question is; When I want to deploy by using manually install or push install my agents, I am receive the following error.I have not any permission's turn on the file and printer sharing via GPO.

  Trying each entry in the SMS Client Remote Installation 
  accoun list~ $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><05-06-2011 
  17:59:11.275-180><thread=6200 (0x1838)>

   ---> Attempting to connect to administrative share
  '\\Makina İsmi\admin$' using account 'domain\sccmpush'~ 
  17:59:11.276-180><thread=6200 (0x1838)>

   ---> WNetAddConnection2 failed 
   (LOGON32_LOGON_NEW_CREDENTIALS) using account 
  domain\sccmpush (00000775)  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER>
  <05-06-2011 17:59:11.302-180><thread=6200 (0x1838)>

  ---> Attempting to connect to administrative share
  '\\Makina İsmi\admin$' using machine account.~ 
  17:59:11.304-180><thread=6200 (0x1838)>

  ---> Failed to connect to \\Makina İsmi\admin$
  using machine account (5)  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER>
  <05-06-2011 17:59:11.313-180><thread=6200 (0x1838)>

  ---> ERROR: Failed to connect to the \\Makina İsmi\admin$
  share using account 'Machine Account' 
  17:59:11.316-180><thread=6200 (0x1838)> 

Hope to see your expert advise soon

Thanks in advance.

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you have a share\account\permission problem. Do the shares exist? Is the account locked? Did somebody remove a group from the shares? I'd check the shares first. – tony roth May 7 '11 at 23:43
@tony roth - AFAIK,I have not permission problem,but, I controlled again the all's not any problem.Any suggestions? – Cell-o May 8 '11 at 10:25
login to a workstation as 'domain\sccmpush' then try to access \\Makina İsmi\admin$. What happens? – tony roth May 8 '11 at 17:02
also look in the security logs on the "makina ismi" server do you see clientname$ access to it with login errors. – tony roth May 8 '11 at 17:09

The DOMAIN\SCCMPUSH account needs to be in the Local Admins group on the client machines.

Either add this account to Domain Admins or add it to a new domain security group and make sure new systems get this group added to local Administrators group on the clients.

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