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I'm setting up a WAMP server with SSL on XP SP2.

-Default port 80 && 443 are NOT forwarded.

The server's admin forwarded ports 1000-1010 && 8080.

When I change httpd config file to listen to port 8080 for regular HTTP && SSL on 1001

8080 - Brings me to a routers/gateway login screen. 1001 - "SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length"

This is my first time setting up a HTTP/S server.

Localhost works perfectly. I'm not setting up Virtualhosts because I'm NOT wanting to connect to this via DNS.

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WAMP should be used for development only. You're asking to get hacked if you expose it to the internet (which is what you're trying to do). – EEAA May 9 '11 at 2:07

I agree with ErikA. You should never put a WAMP server in the wild. Its fine to run on the Intra-net. Fine for business applications. Fine for development work. But we live in a world where this is a small challenge to crackers.

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