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I would like to run a basic command on multiple servers by using a response file, similar to your How to ping multiple servers and return their IPs command. I can run the command from my workstation and it returns all of the information just fine.

schtasks /query /v /fo csv /nh >> \\my-pc\c$\temp\details_sched_tasks.csv
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have you tried an automated ssh query? – MaQleod May 9 '11 at 18:06

PSExec supports a text list of computer names or IPs as an argument.


psexec /u domain\adminguy @computerlist.txt \\server\share\command_to_run.bat
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Could port your servers to a list using dsquery, then use psexec to execute the schtask on the remote computer using the output. It would look something like this.

dsquery computer ou=serverOU,dc=microsoft,dc=com* -o rdn > list.txt

FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=" %%a in ('type list.txt') DO psexec \\%%a schtasks /query /v /fo csv /nh >> \\my-pc\c$\temp\details_sched_tasks.csv
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This option worked best.

Detailed Views of Scheduled Tasks

  • Create a file named server_list.txt and supply all the names of the servers you wish to run the command against.
  • Log onto a server in the domain you wish to run the command against.
  • Place the file into a directory like d:\temp or even just the root of d:\
  • Open a command prompt and go to the same directory you have your list of servers.
  • Copy/paste the below command into the command window and hit enter.

for /f %x in (server_list.txt) do (schtasks /query /s %x /v /fo csv /nh >> d:\sched d:\sched_tasks.csv)

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