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I'm basically a newbie to the Apache Tomcat container so bare with me. I'm pretty sure I've got all the settings and configurations down ie,, I'm just curious as to how you reference a file or resource under a certain Context or webapp from the browser itself. Obviously when going thru the Apache webserver you can't enter localhost:8080//file.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

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  1. Have apache load mod_jk with LoadModule jk_module
  2. Specify your file in the apache config with JkWorkersFile
  3. Route traffic from apache to tomcat in the apache config with JkMount /*.jsp wlb where wlb is defined in your file.

See also:

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Just guessing, and this type of solution would be messy, but here is a thought:

Use mod_jk's JkMount directive to assign specific URLs to Tomcat. In general the structure of a JkMount directive is:

JkMount <URL prefix> <Worker name>

If example the following directives will send all requests ending in .jsp or beginning with /servlet to the "ajp13" worker, but jsp requests to files located in /specificworker will go to "specificworker", where specificworker is a non-AJP HTTP:8_80 worker with one member.

JkMount /*.jsp ajp13
JkMount /servlet/* ajp13
JkMount /specificworker1/*.jsp specificworker1
JkMount /specificworker2/*.jsp specificworker2
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