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I installed Turnkey Linux to have a Git server. The installation went fine and I created a user to use with git. It comes with a preinstalled repo called "helloworld.git".

In order to test GIT, I did git clone git:// and it cloned the repo just fine. I then went into the repo and made a change and did commited. Then I added the remote by doing git remote add hassm@

I then did a push and it asked for my password as expecting but then said helloworld.git does not appear to be a git repository

Am I not putting the right location for the remote repo? Also how do I go about creating my own repo on the server. I am fairly new at managing a GIT server. Thanks.

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What does git remote -v say? Did you give your remote a name (git remote add name URL)? – Andrew May 12 '11 at 3:32
Yes I did. It connects to the server, asks for my password, it just says the repo does not exist. – mikelbring May 12 '11 at 3:36
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There are two problems here:

1) When you clone a repo, the original repo is automatically setup as the origin/master of your new copy. You do not have to add it in as a remote. 'git push' with no arguments should go back to that repo.

2) You have a typo in your remote repo. You are pulling from git:// but trying push back to git:// Note the dropped "/git/" directory in the path. That's why git was complaining - it wasn't finding a valid git repository (because it couldn't find any repository). But, as I said, you don't need this step anyway.

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