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I have two networks:

Network A Private
Network B Private

Both running Sonicwall ~200 appliances, connected by a VPN tunnel.

I am able to reach specific internal address on either end of the tunnel from either location, works like a charm.

What I would like to do is route all web traffic to a specific domain (, for example) such that:

When someone on network A attempts to access the website the request is routed over the VPN to Network B using Network B's public IP address.

When someone on network B attempts to access the site, it should come from Network B's public IP as normal.

I've tried accomplishing this using Sonicwall Route rules, but it's not working as I expected. I'm at a loss at where to begin, really.

What is the outline of rule (Firewall / Nat / VPN / Route) configuration necessary to accomplish this?

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This doesn't seem complicated...

Wouldn't a route for on network A's router that uses the network B router as its next hop do the trick?

In this case your router is probably your firewall == vpn device == gateway.

What happens when you try this?

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You might try a policy route pushing any traffic going to the IP of to the LAN address of sonicwall B. This would push it over the VPN and sonicwall B would use its routing table to get it out to the internet. You might also want to create a firewall rule on Sonicwall B to permit traffic from LAN A if not already set to permit all.

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