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I was wondering if anyone has ever worked with a Citrix XenApp-type terminal services for MacOSX? I want to be able to Virtualize MacOSX desktops and workspaces so that our designers can login to the same workspace anywhere they go. XenApp was the best thing I could think of for Windows machines, but I have no idea how to do this for MacOSX. If anyone has best-practices for saved workspaces on MacOSX that can be accessed from anywhere can chime in that would be great!

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Why not just use Citrix XenApp? XenApp is available for Mac OS X (see XenApp Plugin for Mac OS X). I believe XenDesktop, Citrix's Desktop Virtualization platform, is also available for Mac OS X.

A call to Citrix's technical sales team could probably get you more detailed information on if their product's fit your use cases as well as what their recommended best practices are.

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The original question asks for a way to create a Mac OS X terminal server, for which the only solution I know is Aqua Connect. Citrix allows a Mac client to access a remote Windows desktop or application but does not offer remote Mac OS X desktops. – Joe Carroll May 12 '12 at 14:38

Aqua Connect might be what you are after - it's a Terminal Server for OS X.


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