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I need to transfer a few gigs of files from server A to B. I own SSH access to server A, but I have only FTP access to B.

Since I can not send one .tar file from A to B, for the reason that I can not untar it later, I need to perform an FTP transfer.

How can I transfer (via FTP) all files including the directories and all sub directories?

I tried using mput * and mput *.*, but they did not work.

About solutions like LFTP or others

The lftp is a great solution, but I can not install it on the server, because it is not a dedicated server or a VPS. It is a common shared webhosting with SSH access.

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You need a client that can handle this. lftp (mirror -R , see ) and ncftp (put -R) are two.

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+1 for ncftp client – Fedir Nov 23 '11 at 21:34

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