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On my mail server, I have a custom logcheck rule as follows, which is intended to filter messages from deliver:

^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ deliver\.*\): msgid=.*: saved mail to.*$

Unfortunately, the msgid=.* wildcard does not match if there are non-latin characters in the Message-Id, so lines like the following make it through the filter:

May 10 19:43:20 zapp deliver(matt): msgid=<20110510064307.3702.qmail@ÇöÀÌ01>: saved mail to spam

Logcheck uses egrep internally, and I've not found any way to make the period character include non-latin characters. Any ideas?

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I think your problem is not locale chars. To me part with deliver\.*\): seems wrong and it wouldn't match deliver(matt). Try using deliver[^:]+: instead.

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