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I'm facing a situation with some of my Zimbra servers.

As time goes by I try to 'concentrate' all my Zimbra installs on my main ESXi server for safety reasons, since it is located in a Datacenter with reduntant power supply, ups, lots of storage etc..

Some of my first customers, however, still have their mail server 'at home' and is beginning to be a problem, both in management and safety, so I decided to migrate them all to a new VM in the ESXi machine.

The problem is: HOW?!

Imapsync or zxztozmig (zimbra's CLI utility for migration) are off the list, because I need to migrate Shares, Mountpoints, Tags, Docs and all the other elements of the accounts, not just mail or calendar/addressbooks. In some cases, there are domains on the server that are not to be migrated (internal domains for special applications).

Any ideas? I tried kinda everything.. LVM snapshots, rsync, ldap+store export.. Every solution I tried has some kind of fault that makes it not viable for me..

Thank you for your Help,


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You didn't specify what versions of Zimbra you were using (commercial or open source), however, you can just move the /opt/zimbra directory in a cold migration via scp or rsync.

Also, Zimbra gives comprehensive instructions here:

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I don't know if it fits to your case (or if you managed to solve the problem in other ways), but I recently tried a tool called ZeXtras Migration Tool to migrate one of the domains I manage to an other Zimbra server (see for more info).. Worked pretty good, it's worth a try!

Besos Luna

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I did that some months ago, but I had no luck on getting shares/etc. What we did was to use the backup cli to export the accounts and import them back on the new servers.

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