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I am trying to install git on a SUSE linux server that, to all intents and purposes, doesn't have internet access. It would appear that I also need to install some dependencies for git.

Is there a straightforward way of creating a package that contains git along with all its dependencies on another machine that I can the copy over to this server to install from?

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Just download git.tar.gz unpack-configure-compile

  • Git is reasonably self-sufficient, but does depend on a few external programs and libraries. Git can be used without most of them by adding the approriate "NO_=YesPlease" to the make command line or config.mak file.

    • "zlib", the compression library. Git won't build without it.

    • "ssh" is used to push and pull over the net.

    • A POSIX-compliant shell is required to run many scripts needed for everyday use (e.g. "bisect", "pull").

    • "Perl" version 5.8 or later is needed to use some of the features (e.g. preparing a partial commit using "git add -i/-p", interacting with svn repositories with "git svn"). If you can live without these, use NO_PERL.

    • "openssl" library is used by git-imap-send to use IMAP over SSL. If you don't need it, use NO_OPENSSL.

      By default, git uses OpenSSL for SHA1 but it will use it's own library (inspired by Mozilla's) with either NO_OPENSSL or BLK_SHA1. Also included is a version optimized for PowerPC (PPC_SHA1).

    • "libcurl" library is used by git-http-fetch and git-fetch. You might also want the "curl" executable for debugging purposes. If you do not use http:// or https:// repositories, you do not have to have them (use NO_CURL).

    • "expat" library; git-http-push uses it for remote lock management over DAV. Similar to "curl" above, this is optional (with NO_EXPAT).

    • "wish", the Tcl/Tk windowing shell is used in gitk to show the history graphically, and in git-gui. If you don't want gitk or git-gui, you can use NO_TCLTK.

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