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Removing old computers on a domain

We've got a Windows Server 2008 instance (R1) and have several computers that are no longer present. Still, they show up in the AD.

Is there a way to purge old computers that have not been online for X months from the AD?

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Check out PowerGUI from Quest, you can use it to run a search for workstation objects that have not been active in X number of days, and then delete them. Do be careful with the tool, it's very powerful.

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JoeWare has a script that will query for old computers. This works for 2000/2003, I'm not sure how nicely it will work on a 2008 Native domain, though.


There's also an article on the MS Scripting center about how to do it:


Edit: JScott's answer from a previous thread seems to be the best answer:

dsquery computer -inactive 10 -limit 0

Where 10 is the number of weeks of inactivity

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